_MG_7514Michael Sherry first picked up the guitar at age 12 and proved to be a natural. Initially inspired by the great Grunge Rock bands of the early and mid nineties, he soon moved through a variety of musical styles he picked up including blues, jazz, country and finger style.  Into his teens and throughout high school Michael was starting to stand out as a virtuoso on his first instrument.

Immediately after graduating high school Michael joined the Springfield based alternative rock band Promize. Promize served as a platform to showcase Michael’s original guitar playing and unique songwriting. At 19 he went into Zing studios to record Promize’s ‘Reason For Expectation’ album. In addition to serving as one of the main songwriters and arrangers for the group, Michael provided backing vocals on many of the albums tracks as well as lead vocals on his original composition ‘Moth’. After several years playing extensively around the Northeast with the group Michael decided leave the band and follow his second passion, cooking.

He attended school and promptly moved to New York to cook in some of the cities most prestigious kitchens including Nobu and Town. It was on his off days Michael would spend hours at Tower records and immersing himself in the great singer/songwriters of their time including Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Lucinda Williams. These formative years shaped Michaels unique songwriting style that would eventually emerge in his solo work.

At 23, Michael traveled around New Zealand with a friend and in a moment of deep introspection decided to put aside cooking and follow his first and true passion, music. Upon his return to New York, he promptly packed up his things and moved to California with his girlfriend. The two landed in Los Angeles just a few months later.

Michael quickly immersed himself in the Los Angeles music scene. He played lead guitar with singer/songwriter Bryson Van Cleve and the Show. He then made the jump to lead vocalist in the band White Sundays. Upon the breakup of the White Sundays Michael continued to play as a hired gun and in one off side projects including Downward Dog and Greentown. In 2012 Michael was asked to join LA rock band Time and the Dragon and continues to record and perform with the group. In addition to TATD Michael started a passion project Blackburn Country with other local musicians to branch out musically. He tours extensively with the group around southern California.

In the summer of 2015, Michael decided to step into the studio and finally put to tape a backlog of songs he had written over the years. “These were really just a bunch of songs I had written in my bedroom on the acoustic guitar”. What started to emerge was a diverse but cohesive array of well crafted songs that brought together the best of his influences. The musicianship and song craft on Bright Lights and Broken Dreams shows an artist just scratching the surface of his potential, but there’s already so much there to take in. Even before it’s official release it has garnered acclaim from folk music great Judy Collins:

“Michael Sherry is wonderful. I heard his album for the first time a few weeks ago and it rocks!…I love Michael’s songs, they are beautiful and he is a very talented and inspirational singer—get his new CD as soon as it comes out!!